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I am Dani Smith, sometimes known around the web as Eglentyne. I am a writer in Texas. I like my beer and my chocolate bitter and my pens pointy.

This blog is one of my hobbies. I also knit, sew, run, parent, cook, eat, read, and procrastinate. I have too many hobbies and don’t sleep enough. Around here I talk about whatever is on my mind, mostly reading and writing, but if you hang out long enough, some knitting is bound to show up.

Thank you for respecting my intellectual property and for promoting the free-flow of information and ideas. If you’re not respecting intellectual property, then you’re stealing. Don’t be a stealer. Steelers are ok sometimes (not all of them), but don’t be a thief.

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    Knitting a large-scale sculpture?

    Something is hatching here (click to embiggen): 

    Photo of a page of my journal, black ink on white paper with blue gridlines. Brainstorming a list of features for a very large, weird, knitting project occupying my brain.



    Move the pen on the paper. Move the pen on the paper. Move the pen on the paper. 

    A Zendoodle from my journal with repeating circle patterns covering the words of a poem, but leaving repetitions of the word “enough” exposed, plus a red tree.


    A Unified Hammer Dialogue

    Partner and I celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of our first date this week (I tell that sordid tale here, and quantify it here, but note that we are up to 19 years, 6 cars, and 5 high schools now). And by celebrate, I mean we talk about it and smile and remember how stupid we were, and how glad we are that our stupidity turned into something really awesome. No gifts, no special meal. Just retelling old personal jokes and the State of the Union Address. One joke in particular is strikingly appropriate to a remembrance of Pete Seeger, who died yesterday. This joke is a dialogue, initiated randomly, usually when working on a household repair or home improvement project. 

    A (calmly, with distraction): I wish I had a hammer.

    B (equally distracted, but polite): What would you do with a hammer?

    A (with a shrug): I’d hammer in the morning. 

    B (attention still diverted): Would you hammer any other time?

    A (nonchalant): Oh sure, I’d hammer in the evening. 

    B (mildly interested): Where would you hammer?

    A (dismissive): Oh, all over. 

    B (concerned): What would you hammer?

    A (with sudden increase in volume and exuberant gestures — jumping onto the table with arms flung wide is not out of the question here): I’d hammer out LOVE between my sisters and my brothers aaaaa-AAAAAAA-ALLLL over this LAAAAAAND. 

    [end scene]

    I never said we weren’t ridiculous. Now, where did I put that hammer? 



    Move the Pen on the Paper

    That’s my motto right now. Move the pen on the paper. Following that command, I’m getting some words on  paper. I’m also getting things like this lizard. Hello, lizard. (Click to embiggen Ye Olde Lizarde)

    Zentangle-style, layered doodles built around a central lizard shape


    Stacks of Gratitude, Day 2

    It’s November. I’m grateful. And yes, I’m recycling Facebook posts. With photos.

    I am grateful for sunshine, sidewalks, Saturdays, and a silly excuse to wander around town with Dan for a little while. 

    My feet. Green grass.